This is a tale of a child named Tommy Who went to the store on a trip with his mommy And because, for him, shopping was always a bore, Things came alive when he went to the store! His mommy got cupcakes, a dozen or more A treat for his birthday, 'cause Tommy was FOUR "We'll save these for later," his mommy proclaimed. "Hi, Mr. Cupcake!" Tommy exclaimed. Then they rolled down an aisle, where candy stretched for a mile. “Can I have some please?” Tommy said with a smile. “All right,” she declared, “Later you can have a small treat.” Tommy was happy and then noticed some small feet?!? “I’m also getting ice cream for the party later too.” His mom exclaimed, “You know what you shouldn’t do.” “I promise to wait until then,” Tommy said with a frown. But it looked like this ice cream had a small crown! On the way home, Tommy heard a small grumble. His tummy was starting to roil and rumble! He reasoned it just might be time for a snack, one of the sugary treats in the back.
 At home in the kitchen, his mom out of view, The the sugar monsters came alive it is true! They ran ‘cross the counters and jumped to and fro; They romped in the flour and ruined the dough. The cupcakes ran quickly and zoomed through the halls, Bouncing off ceilings and cupboards and walls. The gummi monster moved like a lumbering, sugar balloon; He scattered the forks and licked ev’ry spoon. The princess of ice cream was messy, it’s true; But this one made Tommy feel magical, too! She dubbed him Sir Monster, a peer of the realm With a rolling pin sword and a mixing bowl helm. "A mess is the best!" Tommy totally agreed; With Gummi his squire and the cupcakes his steed. They had an adventure through lollipop halls And forests of gumdrops and candy cane walls.
Then they heard footsteps! They all stopped and stared. It was Tommy’s mom, and Tommy was scared! “What are you doing?” his mommy exclaimed. “The kitchen’s destroyed! It’s time to explain!” He replied, “Wasn’t me!” and searched for the throne, But suddenly Tommy found, he was alone. He looked for the cupcakes, but they seemed to disappear. The gummi was gone too. Was he even here? What about the princess that was so kind? She was gone too. Was Tommy losing his mind? With Tommy’s candy corn horns and frosting in his hair. A body sticky from ice cream and gummi everywhere. Tommy knew he was in trouble, that he was so wrong. He happened to be the sugar monster, the sugar monster all along.